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Music Lovers

It’s been said that music is the universal language. Certainly, as a staple in most Christian church services, it’s used to prepare the hearts of the people to hear the word of God.  Psalm 68: 24 and 25 tells us that in preparation for the “goings of God in the sanctuary” that the singers went before and the players on instruments followed.

Under the banner of a new concept called TheChristianWatercooler.Com, we’re launching Homegrown Praise, a multiple music CD project and internet radio program featuring the best original Christian music in the county.  The model for Homegrown Praise was taken from the very successful secular project, Homegrown, San Diego sponsored by KGB radio from 1972 through 1978.  And, according to former KGB radio president and founder of the project, Jim Price, it was deemed one of Billboard Magazines top ten radio promotions of all time.

Our project, Homegrown Praise, is a variation of this theme and likely will have a similar acceptance by the Christian community. The difference is that our CD’s will feature music of worship and praise, which will bring glory to Lord.  Homegrown  Praise  is a first step in bringing a sense of unity between the variety of denominations in our county.  The songs selected for Homegrown Praise will be determined through a voting process consisting of the public and a blue ribbon judging panel.  Songs that meet certain production and content criteria will be produced on to CD for general distribution and will be broadcast on our internet radio program hosted by WSRadio.com


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