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Art Gallery

It is exciting to see all the arts being reclaimed by the church. It is especially exciting to see the visual art taking its place in our homes and churches. For too long we have delegated art in the church to Sunday school illustrations. Art is such a powerful and inspiring expression of God’s impression on us.

You may forget the words to a song, misplace the book you were reading, even remember only in part a sermon you heard. Hang a picture on the wall and that image can speak to you powerfully and fresh again and again.

ChristianWaterCooler.com is pleased to present our Art Gallery for the purpose of collecting, displaying and selling local Christian art. We have asked artist and worshiper Judy Ross to help direct and organize this vital component of our site. Judy has served as associate pastor along side her husband, John Ross, senior pastor at Cloud 9 Worship Center in Spring Valley for 30 years. She has been a school teacher specializing in art, has taught adult art classes and was a partner in a San Diego art gallery.

Art: Where does it come from?

By Judy Ross, Homegrown Praise Art Gallery Director

The very first thing we know about the personality of God is in Gen 1:1. In the beginning God created. He did not stop after He rested. He is making all things new even now. God loves art; He filled the temple with it.

I have people all the time tell me “I’m just not creative.” That’s not true; you just need to look at yourself in a new way. We are made in the image of God, so, guess what? That means we are all creative.

Now, combine that with the Holy Spirit who lives in you and the possibilities are limitless.

To do a new thing you’ve never tried (or not tried seriously) can be intimidating, but it so worth it and pleasing to the Lord.

Editor’s Note: We at ChristianWaterCooler.com encourage your launching out in all of the arts. We’ve built this website for such a purpose. If you are an artist, we invite you to email Caz Taylor and he will assist you in displaying your artwork here.

To acquire further training or to communicate, we invite you to email Judy Ross.

If you are an art lover, we invite you to visit our growing Art Gallery in our Homegrown Praise Mall. Thank you for your support, as God restores the arts to and through His Church.




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